Become a cease leader 


Want to be even more involved?Become a CEASE leader!

  • Lead and organize cyber patrols;
  • Establish sustainable CEASE efforts in your community;

  • Recruit others to the cause;

  • Fosters a sense of mission among recruits;

  • Act as a catalyst for change to your city’s culture;

  • Be a front line warrior, to protect victims from exploitation;

  • Make a personal commitment.

As a CEASE Texas Citizen Leader, you will take on the exciting challenges of recruiting others to get involved, assisting with logistics, promoting a sense of mission, and spreading the word about ending demand in your city!


The goal is simple: reduce the demand for illegal commercial sex and sex trafficking victims and in turn reduce sex trafficking overall. In other words, we want to disrupt and deter illegal sex buying so that fewer people will be trafficked and exploited.


However, we cannot achieve this goal without dedicated volunteer leaders in each CEASE region!



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