(1) Let’s talk! Jarret and Caroline would love to visit with you! Reach out by email (JGuajardo@childrenatrisk.org; CRoberts@childrenatrisk.org), and they will schedule a phone call with you, or possibly an in-person meeting (they travel to CEASE cities a lot!). You probably have questions and they want to answer them!


(2) Spread the word! We ask that every new recruit tell one or two friends, coworkers, or family members about our cyber patrols. We cannot advertise cyber patrols too broadly without risking that buyers will become aware of our tactics, so we depend on word of mouth for much of our recruiting!


(3) Get Trained! Be on the lookout for an invite and registration link for the next training. Also, be sure to complete the "next steps" at abunchofguys.com/training. The training will be around 5 hours, and it will include your first patrol.


(4) Consider becoming a CEASE Leader! CHILDREN AT RISK is looking for a CEASE Leader in each of the six CEASE cities. CEASE Leaders will assist in recruiting other cyber patrol volunteers, serve as an on-the-ground contact and liaison, and foster morale.


(5) Deploy Cyber Patrols! Patrols are approximately 2 hours long, and your group will get together at least once a month for a year. 

Steps to becoming a cease volunteer


What is needed to launch Cyber-Patrols?

  • Volunteers. The most crucial resource is people! Because cyber patrol trainings are limited, it is important to have volunteers signed up before each training.
  • Space for approximately 12 people with a blank wall or screen for the training presentation.

  • WiFi.

  • Chromebooks (supplied by CEASE Texas);

  • A certified trainer (paid for, scheduled and travel arranged by CHILDREN AT RISK/CEASE Texas).

How many guys do we need for a patrol group?

  • Minimum of six for a cyber patrol group.
  • Minimum of four per patrol.

  • The more volunteers the better! Not all volunteers will be available on all dates, and it is important to get as many guys trained as possible.


Do I have to apply or fulfill any requirements to become a volunteer?

In order to participate, recruits MUST:

  • Sign a nondisclosure,
  • Agree to a background check,

  • Complete application, &

  • Complete training.


These steps can be found at abunchofguys.com/training.

What is the level of commitment for volunteers?

We ask that volunteers commit to:

  • completing one seven hour training (includes first patrol);
  • patrolling once a month, for six months to a year;

  • spreading the word to at least one other eligible guy.

How do I recruit volunteers for patrols?

Tell your friends!


If you would like to take recruitment efforts further, churches, places of businesses, friends, family and civic organizations are all good sources of recruits.  We have helpful one-pagers, an “elevator speech,” and a Powerpoint presentation (links in resources section at the end of this document). CHILDREN AT RISK will assist in recruitment through connection to relevant partners, city visits, and distribution of materials.


Can women participate in Cyber-Patrols?

Cyber-patrols are primarily a vehicle for getting men meaningfully involved in anti-trafficking efforts, but women can certainly assist with patrols in several ways such as attending trainings, answering buyer texts/monitoring the platform during patrols, recruiting and organizing.

Will C@R attend the Cyber-Patrols?

Yes! If possible, we will attend the first patrol in-person (or will attend virtually if unable to attend in-person). After that, real-time remote support will be available either from EPIK or the Net